Managing Your Mental Health Through COVID-19

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Managing your Mental Health through COVID-19 -

It is perfectly normal to feel stressed or anxious during this abnormal time. The outbreak of COVID-19 may be a stressful time for you. Fear and anxiety about a disease and the future can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions. Remember that coping with these stressful times and managing your mental health will make you stronger in the onset.  


Here are some tips on how to manage your mental health. 



Take a break;  


Stay tuned into advice from reliable sources such as the WHO or HSE but know when to step back and take a break from it. Hearing about the pandemic repeatedly can be upsetting. Don’t forget to unplug and do something fun and healthy for yourself instead (e.g., read a new book, cook a new recipe, get out in the garden). 



Take care of your body;  


Take deep breaths, stretch, or meditate. Try to eat healthy, well-balanced meals, exercise regularly, get plenty of sleep, and avoid alcohol and drugs. Try to maintain your normal routine as much as possible. You may even have some extra time to enhance your wellbeing during this period.  



Connect with others;  


You can still socialise online through skype, Facebook or over the phone. Talk with people you trust about your concerns and how you are feeling. 



Be positive;  


This can be difficult but keeping a positive outlook can motivate us to take action to protect ourselves and others. Try to keep enjoying life, after all mental health refers to the emotional resilience to be able to enjoy life.  



The libraries across Ireland are offering an online sign up system and you can download books, audiobooks, newspapers, magazines and online courses. This could be a great way to take you mind of the current pandemic. Click here to find out more.  



Men may find it harder to open up about emotional distress but remember it is perfectly normal to feel stressed or anxious during this abnormal time. If you are struggling please reach out, there are lots of helpful resources out there.  



Websites to check out


Mental Health Ireland


Phone Numbers to Call


Pieta House (Suicide & Self-harm) – Tel: 01 623 5606

Aware (Depression & Bi-Polar Disorder) – Tel: 1800 80 48 48

The Samaritans – Tel: 116 123/ Text: 087 2 60 90 90


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