Men and Mental Health

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Mental health; everyone has it, and everyone needs it. Our mental health, similar to our physical health, is individual and it can change. We all experience tough days and go through difficult patches in our lives. Sometimes, men can find it hard to open up and chat about mental health, but talking about how we’re doing doesn’t need to be a challenge.



Boys and men tend to do better with problem-solving style coping, which can be helpful because it is solution focused, dealing with problems head on. However, this means that we may find it tough to recognise when we aren’t feeling the best.




How we protect our mental health?


The good news is that there are simple evidence-based actions that can help us to look after our mental health. Better still, we may be already doing these things every day. Close friendships, a sense of belonging, and a bit of exercise can all protect our mental health. The article and short video on this website explains the Five Ways to Wellbeing, which are simple actions to recharge our mental health.



Because men sometimes find it challenging to chat about mental health, it is important that we check in with ourselves regularly. Connecting with ourselves, recognising how we are doing and taking action are the first steps to looking after our mental wellbeing. Reading this article is a positive first step.





If you feel you need more support with your mental health and wellbeing, don’t hesitate to visit your local GP. If you need to talk to someone about anything at any time, contact the Samaritans at free call 116 123 or email You can also find lots more information on and

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