What am I entitled to at retirement age?

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Retirement Age and Entitlements


What am I entitled to at retirement age…? One of the most common queries which regularly presents at Citizens Information Centres relates to having to retire at age 65 but not qualifying for a State Pension Contributory until age 66.  


In this instance Jobseekers Benefit is available, subject to satisfying the PRSI conditions. Normally Jobseekers Benefit is paid for a maximum of 9 months but when applying at age 65 or being in receipt of the payment on reaching age 65, it continues to be paid until age 66.  


Jobseekers Benefit


Jobseekers Benefit is not a means tested payment, however the increase for a Qualified Adult, which is claimed for a spouse, is subject to a means test. When moving to the State Pension there also are a number of extra benefits which can be claimed. The Living Alone Increase of €9 per week is available when receiving a State Pension or Widows/Widowers payment and living alone. The Household Benefits package provides a gas or electricity allowance as well as a TV licence and is available to some at age 66, but to everyone aged 70.


The Fuel Allowance is an extra means tested payment during the winter month to those who qualify. Only one Household Benefit or Fuel Allowance payment is available per household. Free Travel is available to everyone living in the state who has reached age 66. Everyone aged 70 and over is also entitled to a GP visit card regardless of income. 


More Information


Further information on these and other payments is available from your local Citizens Information Service. Alternatively you can look up the Citizens Information Website on www.citizensinformation.ie  



Stephen Kelly – Development Manager 

North Leinster Citizens Information Service. 


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