Time to Check In

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Time to Check In - Malehealth.ie

It is extremely important to minimise contact with people during this pandemic for your health and the health of others. Please follow government guidelines and stay at home.  


Why not use this time to check in on your health and plan appropriate measures for when this pandemic is over? Your body will thank you later.  




Time to check in on your health and lifestyle  


Health and lifestyle are of key importance at all stages of a man’s life. You may go through a few busy periods in your life and this may make it easier to neglect your health. There may be added stressors in your life effecting your mental and physical health. You can use the checklist below as a guide to check in on yourselfA lot of these need to be completed by a professional but you can plan to book an appointment with your GP 



Your physical checklist;


  • Weight and waist measurement: BMI and waist circumference are used as a simple measure of health. A normal BMI is between 18.5 to 24.9 and a normal waist circumference is less than 40 inches.If you fall outside this you need to figure out why and ask for appropriate help from your GP, dietitian or a nutritionist. You need to be eating healthy and nutritious food to keep your body strong, energised, and well nourished. 


  • Blood pressure and cholesterol: Blood pressure and cholesterol begin to rise in your 30s and it is important to regularly get these checked.  


  • Examine your testicles for lumps or bumps – feel anything unusual? Get it checked out immediately 


  • Skin cancer screening: Get those moles checked out 


  • Sexually transmitted diseases: Sex is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and remains an important part as you grow older. Continue to practise safe sex and don’t be afraid to speak to your GP about issues such as erectile dysfunction. 


  • Teeth and Gums – go and see a dentist once a year (even if you wear dentures) to help prevent tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath. 




Your lifestyle checklist;


  • Activity Levels: It is important to keep active for your physical and mental health. The social aspect of staying active can be the most rewarding factor. As long as you take on an activity that you enjoy and it gets you moving you’re on the right track! 


  • Emotional concerns, anxiety and depression: It is important to seek help when it comes to your mental health. Your 1st point of call could be your GP 


  • Social Health: Having meaningful relationships with other people can reduce stress and provide a sense of security that promotes good emotional health. You could get involved in the local community by joining a sports team, volunteer or joining your local Men’s ShedThese activities are for men of all ages and a great opportunity to work on your social health.  


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