Should your debts have a health warning?

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Problem Debt -

Effects of Problem Debt

The effects of problem debt on a person’s wellbeing and mental health can be severe and can prevent them coming forward for help but there is a solution to every debt problem and this is where the Insolvency Service of Ireland (ISI) can help.


The ISI is the independent government body set up to help people with all levels of problem debt.


Often people do not realise that they have a serious debt problems; they are too busy coping with the problem and trying to make ends meet.



Serious Debt Problems


You could have serious debt problems if:


  • You are not able to pay your bills in full when they are due;
  • You are paying a little off each bill trying to keep creditors (the people you owe money to) at bay;
  • You are reluctant to set up direct debits to pay bills in case your money cannot stretch to meet them;
  • You are receiving calls and letters from creditors about missed payments and threats of repossession;
  • You have made personal sacrifices to pay your debts.



Where to find help for problem debt


All of the debt solutions overseen by the ISI are designed to get a person back on track financially, keeping them in their home where possible.  At the end of the process, the person will be solvent again and can start planning their future.


The ISI has put in place a network of qualified professionals around the country – called PIPs (Personal Insolvency Practitioners) and AIs (Approved Intermediaries) – to provide you with debt advice and to work with your creditors on your behalf to work out a solution.


If you are in arrears on your home mortgage, you could also be eligible for a free PIP consultation under a new state-funded scheme, Abhaile.


When you are worrying about debt problems, it can be tempting to ignore bills and letters from creditors and hope that the issue will go away. But the sooner you take action, the sooner you will be free of your debt and can move on with your life.


For more information visit

Phone the ISI information line on 076 106 4200 or freetext GETHELP to 50015 for a callback


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