Men and Coeliac Disease

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Men and Coeliac Disease -

The Coeliac Society are highlighting men and coeliac disease.  Coeliac disease can occur at any stage in life, and is a life-long condition which affects an estimated one in every 100 people in Ireland.

Here are some personal accounts of men who have gotten a diagnosis of and live life with coeliac disease.



Aidan, aged 29

Aidan was diagnosed less than one year ago. In July 2016, he visited his doctor about several health issues, he was developing alopecia. His doctor carried out a range of blood tests and he received a positive diagnosis of coeliac disease. Aidan found adapting to the gluten free diet difficult at first, as he was unaware of some of the products containing wheat, such as soya sauce. Aidan says ‘it’s amazing how you get used to feeling bad when it’s the norm. It was a joy to discover, after a few months of not eating gluten, how a body is supposed to feel’.



Billy, aged 60

Billy, a Board Member of The Coeliac Society of Ireland, was diagnosed as coeliac over ten years ago. Around Christmas 2005 he suffered an upset stomach that wouldn’t go away, he suffered a loss of appetite and began losing weight. In summer 2006 during a family trip to France he indulged in breads and croissants and he reached his lowest point. On returning home, Billy consulted his doctor and received a positive diagnosis of coeliac disease. Billy says ‘once I gave up gluten the change was almost instantaneous. I had not realised it until this point how fatigued I had been for the previous 50 years. I now have more energy at 60 than I ever had at 20.’



For more information please visit The Coeliac Society of Ireland

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