Escape Your Chair and Get Moving!

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Escape your Chair -

Escape Your Chair this September and join the Irish Heart Foundation to get moving!


Do you know that sitting down for long periods of time can increase your risk of heart disease and stroke? And, in fact, if you sit down for a lot of the day, it can counteract the health benefits you get from regular exercise. Moving more and getting regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do to improve your overall health. It can help to reduce blood pressure, cholesterol levels and weight, which can help to reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke. Regular exercise can also help make us feel happier, reduce stress levels, and improve self-esteem.



Escape Your Chair this September


This September, the Irish Heart Foundation want to encourage you, your family and friends to move more and sit less during the day, and we will be giving you lots of ideas, tips, and tools to help you Escape Your Chair. We are also delighted to have Fitness Expert, Broadcaster, and Author Karl Henry as our campaign ambassador, he has made lots of videos to support our campaign with exercises and movements that you can do to stay active. These videos will be available every week in September on our website and through social media. Visit for more information.



Challenge Yourself


Challenge yourself to move more and sit less by taking on the Escape Your Chair challenge. We have designed a monthly calendar with an idea for each day showing new movements that you can do such as marching on the spot, heel taps, high knees and jumping jacks, there is no end to the exercises you can do in just one minute and there are different movements to suit all abilities. Cardiovascular, muscle strength, balance, and mobility movements are included throughout the plan so you can improve all aspects of your physical fitness. So, don’t delay, start moving more today!


Balancing activities are also crucial as you age. What is a balancing exercise? Anything from standing on one foot, standing from a sitting position, walking backwards and sideways, to walking on your heels and toes. Balance movements are included throughout the plan and practising these two to three days a week will reduce your risk of falls, and they are another way to keep moving!


Listen to your body and please stop your activity if you feel unwell, have pain, feel dizzy or faint. It could be dangerous to your health and if you are unsure or have a health problem, please talk to your doctor before you start to get more active.

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