Dementia: Understand Together – Community Champions

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What is a Community Champion?

Community Champions take on an active role in the community to  inspire other people to be inclusive of a person with dementia and their family. They raise awareness for dementia by talking about it openly. They also invite people with dementia and their family to join community groups and services. Champions hold information talks, inform businesses about the training options that exist and share information through social media.



Who can be a Community Champion?

Everyone and anyone can be a Champion. There are many people across the country who are supporting a person with dementia and their family to stay connected and included. Staying involved in community activities is important for everyone, but people with dementia can often experience isolation and loneliness. At the moment, men make up around 20% of Community Champions in Ireland.



Champion’s Café Workshops

These events will be a series of workshops, held around the country for all Community Champions.  The events aim to support champions to have a better understanding of dementia and to be able to engage and connect. They will also be an opportunity for champions to share positive examples of inclusivity with others.



The first of these event is being held in Dublin on 7th September 2019 and will include a Dementia Awareness workshop and a Storytelling Masterclass on how to communicate with the wider world.

Places are limited so please book your place by August 25th


The Champion’s Café – Summer Session will take place in:

Bank of Ireland – Workbench

1 Grand Canal Square, Dublin



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