10% Weight Loss can make a Big Difference

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10% Weight Loss can make a Big Difference - Malehealth.ie

We all already know that being overweight is not good for our bodies. Taking the step from knowing that and doing something about it, is where we usually fall down.


Overweight, Obesity and Inactivity


A large percentage of cancers are now known to be caused by overweight, obesity and inactivity. Carrying excess weight increases the risk of over 10 different types of cancer. The risk is particularity high in people who carry excess weight on their abdomen (belly). The fat present here is called visceral fat. It surrounds our gut and is actually very metabolically active. It pumps out hormones and chemicals which can actually promote cancer growth and dramatically increase your risk of getting cancer.



Good News


But there was good news too, well certainly empowering news anyway.  And that is that just a 10% weight loss would see these dangerous hormones/chemical levels decrease immediately. The dangerous bad fat goes first, so even when you can’t immediately see it on the scales, or in your trousers, you know it’s worth sticking with because you are taking a huge step to decreasing your cancer risk.



Links between body weight and certain cancers


The evidence doesn’t lie – there is a proven link between body fatness, inactivity and certain cancers. Being overweight and inactive accounts for 1/4 to 1/3 of worldwide cases of colon, kidney, oesophageal, breast and endometrial cancer (WHO IARC, 2013).


So the data is clear, it is time to tackle that belly (visceral) fat and good nutrition and more physical activity is the way to go.  Visceral fat is a highly active metabolic organ secreting a vast array of hormones and growth factors involved in insulin resistance, appetite control and systemic inflammation.  This inflammation can lead to cancer but we can do something about it.  It’s not just sitting there to annoy us, but in a way it’s poisoning our system and therefore we should do something about it.



What you can do


It can all sound a bit scary at first but ultimately this information is empowering.  Knowing that just 10% weight loss could have an enormous impact and that the bad fat goes first, can be motivating.


It means we can do something for our own health and there is no reason not to start today!

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