The importance of exercise for older men

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The importance of exercise for older men.


Great emphasis can be placed on the importance of exercise when we’re younger. It’s readily accessible, be it going to a gym, playing a team sport, hiking or what ever your preferred physical activity is. As we age the public emphasis can diminish. But actually, it’s equally if not more important to practice regular physical activity as we age. Worldwide, physical inactivity accounts for about 3.2 million deaths per year.


Recent studies have shows that exercise is in fact the key to longevity for older men, but it doesn’t have to be as strenuous as you may think to gain the benefits. Even a half hour of light physical activity can reduce mortality odds by 17%.


With so many exercise activities targeted at women, what type of exercise is important for older men as they age, and how can access it?


Some of the guidelines for older adults can seem over complicated, and so we have simplified it into a few easy points of which exercise and why –


1. Get Moving – Walk at least 30 minutes a day, try uphill if you can to improve endurance

2. Use Those Muscles – Add in some strength based work including

* Resistance exercises (use a resistance band or dumbbell) to fight muscle decline and strength loss associated with ageing

* Balance and leg strengthening exercises are important to prevent falls

* Flexibility exercises such as tai chi and yoga can help with daily activities such as bending



Why not try



* Going for a walk with friends to increase accountability & make it a social occasion

* An exercise class designed specifically for older adults

* Swimming, it’s a great low impact exercise

* A follow at home video on YouTube