Sean McLoughlin – Ballinteer Men’s Shed

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Sean McLoughlin is a founding member and Secretary of Ballinter Men’s Shed, Co. Dublin. He is a Shed Support Volunteer for the South Dublin region.


“My first thoughts on opening up was that the interface, the car comparison, is such a clever idea. It does drive home that point about how men tend to take this casual approach to their health, and yet, if there was something wrong with their car, they’d look into it and get something done about it”.


“The site is really easy to use, and I like that. You’re not wading through loads and loads of menus and texts. I never really realised that there were so many supports available through the partner organisations. There’s specialist help for a huge range of conditions that I never would have thought of. It’s reassuring to know”.


“A lot of the lads in the sheds would be in the older age-group, and probably not the most tech-savvy. I think the layout of the site is a great help to them in that regard. It takes that intimidation factor out of it, it’s so easy to use, and it points you in the right direction straight away”.


“It might sound funny, but the first part of the Spannerman I was drawn to was the anus. Why? Maybe because it’s not something I would ever have asked anyone about. There’s an embarrassment factor to it. I know very little about those types of conditions, because it’s not something you really speak about, so it’s great for people to have a place online they can come and get the info quickly and simply”.


“Overall I think it’s a brilliant resource and I’d absolutely recommend it to any men. I’m looking forward to using in the future, to learn more about the male body and the type of issues that can arise”.

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