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Knowing when to have your car checked is no different than keeping your body in peak condition.

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‘Your health is your wealth’ is a common phrase we are all familiar with but how many of us take the time to really understand what this phrase means? No matter what our occupation may be or what lifestyle we live, our most valuable piece of machinery is our health. Physically, if we feel an ache or pain we tend to take the “It will be grand” approach and only take action when the situation becomes too overpowering. Often it is not until an illness or health scare occurs that we take stock of the factors that influence our health, such as our individual lifestyle choices, our local community and social circles, the environment we live and work in as well as wider social and economic influences.

Likewise, emotionally, we sometimes internalise our feelings and hope that any negative emotions will eventually disappear. We tend to take the wait-and-see approach and only seek help when the situation becomes too overwhelming. However, while we are waiting for the problem to treat itself the problem could get worse. By prolonging treatment and care for our mental health we run the risk of exacerbating any underlying issues. Learn more...

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